Monday, September 20, 2010

I'v Done it Again!

I can't believe it, I've wasted my download and got yet another play!  The Maltese Falcon I'm talking about.  I tried listening to it but couldn't get past the heavy American accents.   Besides, it has to be the book to be crossed off the list.  Not happy Jan!  I had to listen to the radio on the way home.....

So, I'm now uploading Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott instead.  I've wanted to read Walter Scott since listening to Whales for the Wizard by Malcom Archibald.  Hopefully it won't be hard going, but it will be another one to cross of the list.

I finished Carry Me Down, it was absolutely fantastic BUT I don't get the ending.  I listened to it three times, and I just don't get (like I didn't get the ending to No Country for Old Men).  It just doesn't make sense, and after getting to know John Egan and all those subtle hints into his dis-associative personality, the family's problems, his attempted murder of his mother..... there was no ending.  How did it END?  What happened to him?  What was the point of it?   What about the doll in the tree?  Aaaaagh, I need to know.  Don't let it put you off reading it though, it's very insightful into the nuances of an unstable mined.

Nothing more to write, just wanted to whinge about my lack of attention with my book selections!

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