Saturday, September 4, 2010

All's Well That End's Well

I finished North and South this morning whilst cleaning the house.  It had a very acceptable ending, which pleased me.  So many times you read a good book and the ending ruins it all.  I won't spoil it by writing about it as it really is worth the read.  It's a nice feeling to have enjoyed a book so much.

I have started listening to Hell House by Richard Matheson, but I haven't got very far because I missed a bit whilst day dreaming and had to go back, but it's not book marked very well and it went right back to the beginning.  I couldn't be bothered trying to find where I was so listened to it all again!  The upshot so far is that a dying millionaire has hired four experienced people to study the disturbances at a well known haunted house known as the Belasco House to determine whether there is life after death.  There have been two studies in the past all resulting in death or madness of all but one of those involved. Fischer, the survivor, is a physical medium and is one of the group to be hired.

Hell House got it's name from the acts of peversion that took place within it's walls and with the basic introductions to the characters I think I can see where it will lead.  Florence Tanner is a mental medium, and by all accounts attractive.  Barrett, the leader of the group is married to the clingy Edith who  has a masculinity to her looks...... I just hope that this will read better than a Richard Laymon.  But so far so good.

I'm half way through Somewhere in Time, also by Richard Matheson (it will be interesting comparing his style between the two novels and genres).  Our protagonist has wished himself back to the nineteenth century to go in search of Elise the stage actress whose photo he fell in love with.  It's a nice romantic notion but so far I feel that the writing style is quite basic and it isn't really 'giving' me anything to go on with regards to imagery.  Still it's an easy read for a bed-time book.  If I could go back in time, I'd go looking for Ernesto Guevara before he met Castro in Mexico.  How different his life could have been........

Other reads ~ I've just about finished Flatland and Harry Potter and I've uploaded Thank You, Jeeves (thanks Tanya!!) and Franz Kaftka's The Trial for next week.  Both are on the 1001 list.

Right, cup of tea time and a few episodes of the X-files before bed!  

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