Sunday, February 20, 2011

To Dad

Was it in the Royal Navy
That you learned to make great gravy?
Eating it with my roast
Was what I liked the most

Do you remember walking
Back from Evitt's and talking?
It was Winter and there was snow
You slipped over.... and I know it was low

But, I laughed and laughed and laughed!

You were the definitive 'Shed Man'
Wood lovingly carved with your hands
From miniatures and cradles
To 'Wood Spirits' and tables

And you have left a legacy
As well as a small Dynasty
One grandson has your creativity
The other two are going to University

Through your granddaughter your line continues on
Soon to increase to TWO great-grandsons!
And I'm so proud and glad
To say that you were MY dad

In memory of my dad who passed away yesterday after a tough but very dignified battle with skin cancer. 


  1. Wonderful poem Maxine! very touching as well as well written! I couldn't imagine anyone having done a better job on their first poem! May your father's memory live on. He would be proud to see this :-)