Saturday, November 26, 2011

Do You Believe in God?

My intention is not to spark a debate or to offend anyone with this post.  I  merely want to put down some (rather confused) thoughts after reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins.

The God Delusion is a very persuasive and compelling argument against religion, drawing from Darwin's Natural Selection and Human Biology, and has given me plenty of material to discuss with my partner and argue about!

I can't say that I have been a very religious person, but I'd like to think that there is more to life in a spiritual sense than what Dawkins is trying to prove.  It comes down to the age old question - why are we here?  We humans need a reason, we need something to believe in and something to hope for, otherwise what is it all for?  When we lose someone we love we live in hope that they will be waiting for us 'on the other side'.......

Dawkins argument is that religion is purely a way  for those in charge to control the masses, the fear that an almighty being can hear our innermost thoughts and the threat of eternal damnation was a good tool way back when, but in these enlightened times we should know better.  Indeed, I am the sort of person who needs proof to believe in something; I haven't had a religious experience - so I JUST DON'T KNOW - and Dawkins can even explain away some religious experiences.

The Crucifixion
How about Jesus Christ?  My opinion has always been that he was a misguided cult leader and Dawkins leans towards that direction too.  The Bible must be taken within the context of the time, you can't really take it literally with what we know today.  Some of the scriptures are quite appalling and include rape, violence and murder.  It is a handbook for warfare, and the same could be said of The Iliad but we haven't taken that literally and built a religion around it, so why do we hold such faith in The Bible?

Religion takes up a massive amount of money, time and energy, it creates so much guilt in people to the point that some are drawn to suicide.  Think of the lives that are lost in religious wars, honour killings, and martydom? Imagine how happy we could all be if there was no religion.  But, would we really be that happy with nothing to believe in?

I agree with much that Dawkins says, but I still can't shake the belief that there is something out there that is bigger than what we could possibly imagine or comprehend.  There is so much more that we don't know about our origins, but maybe that is my own indoctrination and Dawkins is right; but I sincerely hope not! 

I wonder though, if when the end is near for Dawkins, do you think that he may actually change his mind?

Just a thought.......



  1. My immediate answer would be 'yes, I believe in God', as I was brought up a christian. But deep down I know I don't know what I believe in. For once, let me admit that I'm awfully confused.

  2. Which is exactly how I'm feeling :)

  3. The Iliad is fiction whereas there is ample fact and evidence that Jesus existed. Regardless of who you think he is, historians all agree - as he just turns up in too much literature (of all types) of the period. He is also considered a prophet in Islam and in a few Buddist traditions.

    For me, religion is separate from God. Religion is used for manipulation (you don't need God in there to do that- just look at scientology) just like cults too. God isn't in any of it. Jesus in the bible is against organised religion in the bible; rules for rule sake.

    Sorry - went into debate. I love a good debate. Anyhow, Dawkins is a dangerous man. Very paranoid. I'm love evolution, science, rational thought, and I don't really see it in his work. He takes one route and doesn't explore both sides of the argument - which is very "un-sciencey" of him. : )

  4. Hi Freya, I understand Jesus was a real person, I was just talking about The Bible as a whole. One thing is certain with regards to God or Heaven and Hell - we'll never know in our lifetime.