Monday, September 27, 2010

A Summary of Our Second Birthday

Sunday was Caffeine and Chapters Social Book Club's second birthday. Our first birthday passed us by without us realising that we had hit a milestone, so we certainly celebrated in style this year!

Afternoon Tea
Our hostess, Robyn C. laid out a lovely afternoon tea complete with gorgeous china and pastel serviettes.  We spend some time outside talking about e-books and Kindles (the courier rang me this morning and mine is being delivered tomorrow - yippee!).  After enjoying some nibbles and some refreshing punch, we retired to the lounge to watch Valentino: The Last Emperor in honour of the touring Valentino collection (which I must try and see in Brisbane before it finishes).  We dressed to a Valentino theme which was fun, and thanks to Robyn for completing my pathetic effort with a gorgeous red fascinator.  

I enjoyed the movie/documentary much more than I expected and didn't realise just how beautiful some of Valentino's dresses are and that they are all hand sewn.  Absolutely stunning.  

The Cake
The highlight of our afternoon was this beautiful cake, which Helen (our newest member) brought in.  Decorated by Helen's daughter, it just about blew us away, and it was a real shame to take it apart so that we could eat it!

After exchanging gifts of books, and bookmarks, the dream was over and it was back to reality going home and trying to work off all those calories!

We didn't get much book discussion done, but that will give us more to talk about for October's meeting.  I've read a little bit of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, so will make a concerted effort to get stuck  into it this week.  I'm also continuing with Ivanhoe, but have been a bit distracted so need to go back a disc and listen to it properly!

Gotta go and work off some more calories now as I had more cake when I got home for tea last night!  

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