Sunday, August 15, 2010

Damn Batteries!

I wish I was more vigilant when it came to keeping my toys charged up.

I went to Dreamworld yesterday to try out their Carvery and to take in the Australian Show.  Before we left we thought we would spend some time with the tigers.  Sita was there being menaced by the four juveniles.  One of the juveniles slipped passed a trainer and there was a bit of a scuffle and some roaring on Sita’s part - would have made great video footage…… only my battery was flat….and the opportunity was missed.

Today I had just started my ironing when I decided to finish listening to Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.  I was on the last chapter so knew I only had half an hour to go with it. I just got to the part where Hermione was about to explain how Rita Skeeta managed to get all her inside scoops at Hogwarts…….when my iPod stopped because my battery was flat!  Can you imagine the agony, it was hours before I remembered I had been charging it up and finally found out she was an unregistered Animagus and had turned into a bug!

I’m also a bit fed up how iTunes catalogues the discs to my audio books.  The amounts of times I start a book and find that Disc 3 has been catalogued first grrrrrr.  As we speak I am reloading HG Well’s The Time Machine for that very reason. 

It was a quiet Sunday all up, but I was busy on the Book Army site getting my ranking ‘up there’.  I went through my bookshelves and have registered those that I have read.  Then I noticed Enid Blyton is on the site, so I went through all the Famous Five and Secret Sevens that I remember reading plus The Three Detectives by Alfred Hitchcock.  I remember reading one Enid Blyton book about two cousins spending the summer on a farm.  I couldn’t be bothered ploughing through 62 pages of titles, I went through 12 and nothing rang a bell so gave up.  Anyhoo, my ranking is now 90 so very happy with that.

I’ve uploaded a new Dean Koontz to listen to (Whispers) – yes, I am a glutton for punishment – but I’ll do The Time Machine & The End of Mr Y first.  Plus I need to get some 1001 reads done otherwise I won’t make my target.  I found another ‘Book of The Dead’ hidden behind my Stephen Kings, so will do that one instead of the awful Patricia Cornwell that I gave up on.  

Off to finish cooking my roast now........

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