Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mousing Around, by Coincidence!

Well I paid the price for having a break from the office yesterday to attend the QHA 125th Anniversary Luncheon at the Hilton.  I was absolutely flat out all day.  Too busy in fact to even attempt listening to Harry Potter.

Mr Y is becoming most unusual and intriguing.  It’s very sexually orientated, but  it also dips into Quantum Physics, Wave Theory, religion and drugs.

Ariel finds the missing page from the book whilst packing away her mentor’s office.  It flutters out of a book that he’d told her to forget using for her thesis indicating he was actually giving her a clue.  The page contains the recipe for the elixir and after some research into the archaic instructions, homeopathic remedies and some trial and error Ariel finds herself in the ‘Troposphere’.  Her first experience is quite frightening as she finds herself sharing the mind of a mouse that has become caught in a Perspex trap.  The mouse is terrified and thinks of her nest.  Later Ariel finds herself in the mind of a cat that is ready to kill a mouse.  She is able to interfere and confuse the cat giving the mouse enough time to disappear.  She loves the feeling when the cat gives up and leaps up onto a wall.  When Ariel 'comes too', she thinks that she has been dreaming but when she goes into her kitchen she notices one of her humane mouse traps contains a victim and she remembers how it felt to be so frightened that she sets it free then and there. Their eyes meet for a couple of minutes and there is a spark of recognition before the mouse scurries away.

On Ariel’s second attempt with the elixir, she finds herself in the mind of a very angry German homosexual .  As she is privy to his thoughts and memories, she realises with horror that it is Wolfgang, her neighbour.  She tries to leave his mind immediately but is unable too…. That is as far as I have got.

Book of The Dead ~ Pendergast has been liberated from his maximum security prison and Diogenes is wooing the mysterious Constance.  She is taken in by his suavity but we know that he has an ulterior motive.  It’s a bit of a coincidence that this novel also contains a mouse.  In the future my memories of these books will probably become merged!

Have you had a coincidence with your book choices? I recently read The Testamament of Gideon Mack and Gideon made references to his late wife reading Bleak House, and I was also reading Bleak House at the same time. Last year I read Of Human Bondage and my audio book choice was Philip K Dick's Dr Bloodmoney where one of his characters was also reading Of Human Bondage – so there ended up being plot spoilers for me!

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