Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tiger Tiger, Burning Bright

Aha!  The penny has dropped.  Koontz's 'variation on a theme' in Darkfall is his use of Lovecraft's 'Great Old Ones'.  Shame, Lovecraft should not be messed with.  A tribute yes (refer Stephen King's 'N'), but not as part of a corny novella such as this.

However, throughout the novel are quotes/poems from his fictional 'Book of Counted Sorrows'.  These are excellent, and should he ever publish them I'd be very interested.

We had a lovely day at Dreamworld again yesterday.  I could sit at Tiger Island all day, they are just beautiful.  The female Bengal tiger was a little cranky with the four juvenile Sumatrans, so we had a little bit of roaring which really made you realise that these are dangerous wild animals!

You should have seen how interested they were with Inga, the beautiful Cougar that was brought out for her demonstration, they are just merciless hunters and make my two little darlings look like pathetic little pip squeaks!  At one stage, one of the trainers was watching a visitor collect a thong his son had kicked over the fence, and as such he had his back to one of the juveniles.  This tiger ran up behind him and put his paws on his shoulder's almost knocking him over.  This was probably a playful act, but it could have had serious consequences and the trainer was visibly shaken. 

I was out all day and evening yesterday so there has been a bit of slippage on the reading front! I read Mute from Richard Matheson's Button, Button about 1am this morning so only have a few more stories to go. I'm three quarters of the way through Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and I hope to have that finished this afternoon.

I'll be starting A Tranquil Star tomorrow, and really looking forward to this one.  It was publish in 2007, 20 years after Levi's death and all these stories were previously unpublished in English.

From looking at the premise of each story, these are going to be quite different and unusual.

I had a query yesterday for Book Club via the Community Website, so hopefully we sound interesting enough for a club night attendance.........? 

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