Friday, August 13, 2010

No More Soggy Sandwiches!

I know I should have thought of this sooner, but I didn’t. Sometimes the most obvious solutions are hard to find. However after reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, the problem was solved. If you want tomato in your sandwiches, blot the sliced tomatoes in paper towel first!! I was cutting out the middles of the tomatoes, or putting them separately in a tub – which was taking up the room for chocolate in my lunch box - I’m so happy, my sandwiches today were yummy and not a bit of ‘sog’ anywhere!

My reading came to an abrupt halt for a couple of days thanks to the pressures of work, however now the weekend is upon us and I will do my best to catch up.

Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire ~ Poor Cedric has been killed by Lord Voldemort, and I’m at the big reveal near the end of the book. I’ve really enjoyed this fourth instalment and only have one criticism – the characters look ‘wildly about’ a little too often. I find the phrase midly annoying, maybe it’s because it is the sort of thing I would write (I have no talent!), and I’m sure J K Rowling could give us a better adverb. However, she is the millionaire and who am I to criticise?

The Book of the Dead is what I call my bit of ‘fluff reading’. It’s just a bit of nonsense, but good for a light read and a bit of time out from the heavy stuff. It’s well written and the characters are promising to be interesting. Constance has got me intrigued. This is the last in the Pendergast Trilogy, and I should have read the others before hand but I’ll see how I go. So far we have a mysterious murder in the Egyptian exhibit at the museum, plus Agent Pendergast is in prison (he was framed) and is about to be liberated. His brother Diogenes (the bad guy) has just given Constance a white mouse but she lied about who gave it to her when the group who are going to break Pendergast out of prison saw it. What’s her motive? Why was she wearing a crinoline in the previous chapter…….? I don’t want to Google it as I’ll spoil the novel but if I’d read the other books it would be obvious I guess.

Have done a couple more chapters of the Time Traveller’s Wife too. I’m going to take this one slowly, but where I was confused before it is now all clear……. it’s a bit of a mind warp this one you have to keep stopping and reminding yourself what’s what!

Anyhoo, I'll sign off for now.

Happy reading and have a good weekend!

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