Saturday, August 21, 2010

Y is Annoying Me!

I’m not so sure about The End of Mr Y now…. it’s starting to annoy me to the point I wish it would finish.  I don’t like the character of Ariel Manto (apparently an anagram for I’m not real) it’s just ‘blithering’ on and I’m losing interest!  I was hoping to finish it today whilst I was cleaning the house but my iPod went flat (again) so I’m giving it a good charge whilst watching the Federal Election results on the Teev.

The Book of The Dead is heading towards its climax – it seems Diogenes is planning his big crime at the grand opening of the Tomb of Senef which is also being broadcast so that the exposure to his crime will be tenfold; and apparently it all relates back to a terrifying experience from his childhood. 

I actually feel like I have been bogged down by these two books, I haven’t ticked anything off the list for a little while so I hope to remedy this next week with some exciting reads lined up.  BUT I am enjoying Book of the Dead, it’s easy to read at the end of the day…….. I just seem to have trouble finding the actual time to read it!

Lemming is on the Teev in a minute and I remember that it got really good reviews but it wasn’t on general cinema release so I didn’t get to see it, so will sign off for now.

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