Monday, July 26, 2010

When is it Going to End?

My God, talk about dragging a story out. Heart Shaped Box is dragging on and on and on…….. it could have finished a few chapters back. I’m totally over it, it’s becoming stupid! Now it’s a cross between Stephen King and a corny Dean Koontz.

Madam Bovary on the other hand has just suffered a horrific death thanks to a dose of arsenic by her own hand. Totally unexpected. Di at book club said that when she read it she wanted to slap her! I don’t feel quite that strongly towards her, I feel sorry for her as she had a taste of the high life and couldn’t quite settle with her own dull way of life. She was just not as restrained as the rest of us would be. I think it’s Charles who needs a slap; he’s gone through the novel in a state of oblivion.

Poor Emma though, she ended up being hurt and used and only realized that there was a good man in her life – her husband - at the end There’s still a bit to read, so I’m interested to see where it will take me and how it will end.

I’ve tried to make a start on H P Lovecraft but I haven’t had much of a lunch break so will hopefully get started with it properly soon and as for The Time Traveller’s Wife, I’ve read three chapters and I'm confused already!!

I’m too distracted to write anymore, The Goodies are on ABC2 and are bringing back some very fond memories!

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