Friday, July 9, 2010


I promised myself that I WOULD NOT go on the computer tonight.  I've spent the past week messing with my new phone, synching to rubbish that I'll probably never use, setting up a music account, downloading albums only to find they are protected and I can't put them into iTunes (lucky they are free as part of the phone purchase).  So after achieving nothing, and slipping on the old reading...... here I am again on the computer.  I'm either addicted or the real reason is that my partner is laid out on the couch, tv gadget in hand, head back, mouth open and snoring.  My black cat has made herself comfortable on him so I guess they're staying put for a while.  I could twiddle my thumbs, I could go to bed early, but instead I'll write about my latest reading - which has suffered this week as I've said.

First of all I finished Shatter.  I decided I didn't like Julie-Anne, she was too harsh on Joe, but she did have some valid points about him bringing his work home!  The climax was great, but the semi all's well that end's well in the last chapter I didn't like.  It was a bit like watching those old American shows where they all have a good laugh at the end.  After what the family had been through it was a little hard to swallow, but apart from that it really was a fantastic read (although I did this as an audio book).

I'm thinking of buying a Kindle.  I have to weigh it up.  Apart from the fact I'll be stuck on the computer again synching, and dowloading (all that time consuming non achieving rubbish that goes with technology these days), I do have about 150 science fiction e-books on my laptop that I really would love to read..... but I don't want to read them on the laptop.  Something I'll put on the wish list and keep an eye on the pricing, it's a bit steep at the moment and I might be better off just buying the books....? 

I digress..........

I finished The Moonstone.  That was a bit of a struggle in the end, it was a bit silly really.  I think maybe his masterpiece was The Woman in White?  I haven't read it, but I did listen to the BBC Radio Play which was excellent (they usually are).   I do have it as an audio waiting to be listened to, but after the equally silly Two Destinies I think I've had enough of Collins for this year....?

I've also been reading a pulpy fiction book which one of my work mates bought me for my birthday.  It's by Evan Green called On Borrowed Time (though I keep wanting to call it Nothing to Lose, but it amounts to the same thing).  I have another of his books by my bed waiting to be read by the name of Adam's Empire.  On Borrowed Time has been one of those light hearted action reads, but apart from a major error in the first chapter it's been okay. Green is apparently an Australian personality who lives in Fiji, but I don't know anything about him. The protagonist in the novel is an out of work journalist who's been given a year to live.  After surving a cyclone in Fiji he gets caught up in a hijacking and a kidnapping.  You need to suspend your disbelief, but it's a lot of fun. I've almost finished it - I've been reading it on and off since February!

My daughter will be very pleased with me as I'm up to chapter six with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  It's excellent of course.  J K Rowling sets the scene beautifully and I just love her dialogue and her imagination.  I just love the name of the stationer's Flourish & Blotts, in Diagon Alley.  It's all very clever and she is well deserved of her fame. 

Solaris has been on the backburner thanks to my new toy, but I will be starting it tonight when I go to bed and I'll take it to the hairdresser's with  me in the morning! 

Well must sign off, and check to see if Up by Peter Gabriel transferred to my phone okay..... what was I saying about addictions?

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