Sunday, November 20, 2011

Are You on my 2012 Reading List?

I will be dedicating 2012 to Independent authors (interspersed with some classics of course) in my search for the ultimate horror novel.  I plan on reading a minimum of 60 books next year, depending how much the classics slow me up!

My list so far consists of 34 novels (they are in no particular order):

Click Here: 2012 Reading List

This leaves me with 25 spots for an independent horror novel - do you want to be on my list? Send me a DM on Twitter @CaffeineChapter with the link to your book -  please note I am interested in horror novels only.  If you can offer your book for free it will go to the top of my list.  If I like the first chapter I will read the whole novel and leave a review on your preferred site.  Short horror stories are also welcome - the only criteria is to SCARE ME!

So, what are  you waiting for?!!



  1. 60? That's a lot of books. I wish I have such reading strength.

  2. I will do a few as audio books which is probably cheating when it comes to stamina!

  3. My list is filling up - only 18 spots left :)

  4. 7 spots left :)

    Looks like I'll be off the air for a while, I've got some serious reading to do!

  5. 5 spots left, be quick they're going fast! I've already started: The New Death and others by James Hutchings.

    Try my short story. My novel will be complete in 2 days, may I send you a code to get a smashwords copy free. Let me know on
    Susan Hern

  7. 4 Spots left. I've started reading now!