Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Dedication to Queensland

West End, Brisbane -
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What a shocking week this week has been, to watch the devastation in my beautiful state of Queensland is overwhelming, and the fact that only last week I was driving through Toowoomba and Chinchilla is a very sobering thought for me indeed.

I continually have tears rolling down my cheeks as I watch the news reports, and listen to the Premier's updates. I now really appreciate how fortunate I am to live in what appears to be a protected corner of Queensland as there is flooding to the north of us and now flooding to the south in NSW.  It felt very surreal this morning as I was driving to the shopping centre to meet a friend for coffee - the sun was shining and all the locals, myself included, were going about their daily lives when an hour up the road a different story was unfolding. I am very lucky indeed.

Ipswich - West of Brisbane
Photo from ABC On-Line
There will be much work and heartache ahead, many families will be displaced for some time, and some have lost loved ones and their beloved pets.  But, the human spirit is a wonderful thing, and stories of bravery will emerge and Queensland will continue on, and through all this we can be so proud of Premier Anna Bligh and her government for the way that they have handled the situation.

For those of us not directly affected by the flooding it has certainly put minor problems into perspective and if you have not done so already, please give generously to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal at and help our state get back on it's feet. 

Thank you.

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