Monday, June 28, 2010


Well, the library inadvertently made the choice for me. I received an email to say that Solaris by Stanislaw Lem has finally come in. This will be an interesting read as although Lem can read fluent English he was not involved in the English translation and is apparently very unhappy with the published version. It is however on the 1001 book list so the translation can’t be all that bad from the readers’ point of view? I recently listened to the BBC Radio Play which was beautifully produced, with a wonderful haunting musical score. This inspired me to buy the movie starring George Clooney which was good but it only focused on the love story. The Sci-Fi element was totally disregarded. I’m looking forward to starting it as soon as I finish the Moonstone (which I’ll review in my club Newsletter)... it’s been okay (plus it’s on the list) but it’s only really worth the read for its value as being the first ever detective novel. Bleak House was written before Moonstone and that also contained a detective but I guess The Moonstone is specifically a detective story?

I couldn't get my iPod Nano to work today, so in desperation I got out my iPod Shuffle where I had a stand by book ready to go - Shutter by Michael Robothom.  I like to finish what I start, so Harry Potter will have to wait a week!

I'm full of cold which I must have inherited from my lovely daughter, so I'm off to bed now with a hot water bottle and will try to get through a few more chapters of The Moonstone.

What Shall I Read Next?

After just having returned from Western Australia, where I spent a lovely week, I'm at a loss on what to read next.  I'm two months up to date with the Caffeine and Chapters theme (Father & Son writing teams) and just finishing off The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins.  My daughter loaded up my ipod with the five Harry Potter books that I haven't 'read' so really I should crack on with those, but that's the audio side of my life taken care of.  I like to read a physical book at night........ I'll check out the pile that is next to my bed tonight and see what will inspire me.