Thursday, March 1, 2012


That kind of sums up how I'm feeling at the moment. It's nearly 9pm and my house is still hot, I'm definitely not a hot weather person.

I've been away from the internet lately as I have been busy reading and catching up on DVDs this past week.  I've caught up on my recent release horrors and I can honestly say that there was not one good one amongst them (!) apart from The Thing - Prequel which I did enjoy; the special affects were pretty good.

I re-watched Kick Ass (twice) - which has to be the coolest movie of the decade (I love the Big Daddy Warehouse scene) -  it has the lot, great story, great visual, great acting and a fantastic score. The violence is pretty intense, but somehow acceptable because you know it's based on a comic strip.  Plus, it's pretty real as the characters really do get hurt.  I love it.

I finished 11/22/63 by Stephen King and what a relief it was to read something by him that I could enjoy once again.  It was a great premise - if you could go back in time would you stop the assassination of President Kennedy?  It isn't a task that is taken lightly and the outcome sends ripples through time that are disastrous.  There were some seriously 'corny' elements which annoyed me and I guess King must be a dud in bed as his love scenes were terrible. BUT, on the whole it was a damn good story which had me wanting to know how it was going to end.

My audio book at the moment is a little gem!  I picked it up at the library and apparently it was initially a Podcast read by the author (Scott Sigler) who has a cult following.  I am finding the narration a little iffy - it's extremely American and one of the character voices comes across sounding like a gay character from South Park. However, Infected is infectious - it's a great story about a biological threat to humans - those who are infected become murderous psychopaths. Just my type of novel.  What I really like about it though are the biological elements which are taken from real life science and make the story feel quite plausible. 

If you have read a great sci fi or horror lately I'd love to know about it.  It's so hard finding something new to read.


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  1. The only Stephen King's book I've read is "Bag of Bones", whose first half I found boring probably because of the long-winded narrative about how the protagonist missed his dead wife. I've desisted from his books since then, but now I'm tempted to check out 11/22/63.

    I watched "Kick Ass" last year, and loved its portrayal of how vulnerable heros can be. It's all about the heart; not the powers.